Super Frog Adventure

Super Frog Adventure


Super Frog Adventure

The fun platformer Super Frog Adventure takes you back to the days of the original Super Mario games. There are a total of eight incredible and difficult stages, each with its own set of challenges. You play as the Super Frog and must make your way through each level, defeating monsters and earning cash along the way.

Exciting and unique experiences await you on your adventure thanks to the game's dynamic gameplay and vivid visuals. Different modes of play and a variety of challenges make this game suitable for players of varying skill levels. Whether you're new to platformers or a seasoned adventurer, Super Frog Adventure guarantees an exciting experience.

A new and exciting adventure awaits you in this platformer in the classic manner. The time has come for the super frog to face its enemies.

How to play?

Desktop Left Right or A D keyboard keys to move the character Up arrow or W keyboard key to make the character jump Mobile Use touch screen buttons Press jump button in the air to perform a double jump Collect all the fruits to pass the level


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