Roblox: Multiverse Spider

Roblox: Multiverse Spider


Roblox: Multiverse Spider

The online obby game Roblox: Multiverse Spider will take you on a thrilling adventure across dimensions, testing your agility, quick thinking, and creativity. The goal of this exciting task is to collect all seven super cups by traveling across universes with the help of a spiderbug-male character.

Collecting the rare green ores will allow you to unlock the spiderbug-male character, adding an added dimension of intrigue to the game. This magnetic figure will join you on your journey to success as you face up against a wide variety of universes and formidable obstacles.

Roblox: Multiverse Spider offers a thrilling experience with its fast-paced gameplay and innovative universe-hopping mechanics. So jump in and start the fun as you put your talents to the test and set off on an exciting adventure across the universe. Join the game and become the ultimate victor of the super cup!

How to play?

- WASD - control the character - Space bar - jump - Esc - pause the game - Rotate the camera with the mouse - R - use the parachute with the key - Shift - key to speed up even more - Switch between characters with the 1 and 2 keys


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