Super Marty o Alconaut

Super Marty o Alconaut


Super Marty o Alconaut

Welcome to the fascinating world of Super Marty-o Alconaut, an alternate version of Super Marty-o where the protagonist must avoid the perils and temptations of the world of sweets and booze rather than the typical challenges! You will encounter amazing difficulties and hilarious experiences in this thrilling online game. In Super Marty-o Alconaut, Marty-o sets out on a space expedition to save Princess Peach from the terrifying Irishka Chiki-Piki, the universe's most dangerous boss. Mario's primary adversaries on the journey to safety will be an army of beer and vodka bottles as well as potato chips.

How to play?

WASD - Move Space - Jump double jump is available Shift - Run LMB - Throw bottles only in Level 3


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