Retro Street Fighter

Retro Street Fighter


Retro Street Fighter

Playing Retro Street Fighter, a side-scrolling fighting game, is like taking a journey down memory lane. Experience the nostalgic charm of 2D-pixel art as you go through several levels and test your mettle against a wide range of foes. The game perfectly encapsulates the spirit of classic video games, transporting players back to the glory days of arcade fighting.

Retro Street Fighter gives you the option to test yourself at your own pace by providing seven different difficulty settings. Use punches, kicks, and blocks to your advantage as you try to outmaneuver and destroy your opponents. However, be wary, as certain opponents are powerful and dangerous.

Retro Street Fighter fuses classic visuals with exciting gameplay, so be ready to be thrown back in time. Prepare to test your martial arts skills in a battle reminiscent of classic arcade fighting games.

How to play?

On PC Arrow keys move J punch I kick K jump L block On Mobile Drag the move wheel Tap the buttons to attack or defend


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