Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

Drunken Boxing: Ultimate


Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

The Drunken Boxing series has reached its pinnacle with this Ultimate edition. Improved physics and special impacts are only a few of the ways in which this installment improves upon the original. Get ready for a fight like never before as you and your opponent square off in a drunken boxing contest.

In Drunken Boxing Ultimate, stability is of paramount importance. Approach your opponent methodically and throw left and right hooks with precision. Accumulate Special Hit points, and when they're all used up, you'll get the rare opportunity to puke in your opponent's face. When the timing is ideal, you can administer a knockout blow by pressing the special hit button.

You should monitor your Energy Bar closely. If you use it all up, you won't be able to fight for a while, leaving you open to strikes from your opponent. Figure out how to win at Drunken Boxing by striking a healthy balance between attacking and defending. Ready to show off your inebriated boxing abilities in the grand finale of this exciting series?

How to play?

Player 1 Move UP DOWN ARROWS Punches LEFT RIGHT ARROWS Special Hit L Player 2 Move W S Punches A D Special Hit G


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