Baby Penguin Fishing

Baby Penguin Fishing


Baby Penguin Fishing

Immerse yourself in the magical world of "Baby Penguin Fishing," an engaging and captivating 2D puzzle fishing simulator that will challenge your fishing abilities. This fascinating game has two fun modes—Fishing and Trawling—so you may go on an exciting fishing expedition.

Show off your lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy in Fishing mode by clicking on the bodies of different fish to release your line. Feel the rush of a traditional fishing challenge as you race to reel them in and go to the next level. Now you can start thinking strategically by shifting to Trawling mode. To complete objectives within the allotted time, release the net by clicking on the desired region and make sure it captures anything within its reach.

With its innovative combination of simulation and puzzle-solving features, "Baby Penguin Fishing" guarantees not just an entertaining but also novel experience. See how fast you can overcome the aquatic obstacles in this charming penguin-led fishing adventure.

How to play?

Tap the fish in fishing mode Tap the area in Catch Fish mode


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