Stickman Merge Battle: Arena

Stickman Merge Battle: Arena


Stickman Merge Battle: Arena

Prepare for an epic showdown in Stickman Merge Battle: Arena, a thrilling strategic merge game that challenges you to showcase your dominance against the relentless red stickman invaders. Build your formidable army of stickmen, strategically arrange your troops, and conquer all the formidable bosses in your path.

With 3D stickmen, each level progressively more challenging than the last, and intuitive controls, this tactical game is suitable for all ages. Brace yourself for boss battles every ten levels, pushing your strategic skills to the limit. Fewer than 1% of players can unlock all stickmen and conquer the entire game. Are you up for the challenge? Merge, strategize, and emerge victorious!

How to play?

- Click Sword and arrow button to purchase units - Click Tile button to purchase tiles - Drag units between tiles to improve your strategic positioning - Merge two units of the same type to get the next tier unit


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