Zombie Base

Zombie Base


Zombie Base

The design game Zombie Base awaits you, and it has many difficult levels waiting to be conquered. The goal of each level is crystal clear: acquire the gold coins and use them to upgrade your weapons and ammo.

As you dig into this exhilarating adventure, intelligent resource management becomes crucial. The gold coins you find are the game's lifeblood, used to upgrade your weapons to a higher level and deal more damage to the zombie horde. Each stage provides its own set of difficulties, needing strategic planning and resource management in order to achieve victory.

Gather cash and strengthen your defenses as you make your way through the creepy, zombie-infested base. The game's visual style and its strategic gameplay work together to immerse you in an experience that tests your judgment.

Are you prepared to defend your stronghold from an attack of zombies? In Zombie Base, you'll have to rise to the challenge, plan your improvements carefully, and demonstrate your mettle in the face of an unrelenting undead threat. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure in this design game by stocking up on supplies and beefing up your defenses.

How to play?

Design the character by controlling the character with your finger mouse During the shooting process you can continuously avoid the attacks of monsters and kill all the monsters to pass the level


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