The Best Russian Billiards

The Best Russian Billiards


The Best Russian Billiards

Playing The Best Russian Billiards will transport you to another world! With its breathtaking 3D graphics, this realistic billiards game is perfect for players of any skill level. Take on deserving opponents and demonstrate your skills on the virtual golf course. Two appealing game types are available: online multiplayer and a virtual rival mode. Check out both modes to see which one suits you best.

Take advantage of the in-game store to personalize your gaming experience by picking out a cue and other accessories that suit your taste, as well as the color of the balls and the style of the interiors. A precision aiming sight and two view modes allow for constant and accurate shot alignment. Experience the thrill of playing this timeless game with a contemporary and aesthetically beautiful spin in The Best Russian Billiards, whether you're an old hand or just starting out. Get in on the action and feel the rush!

How to play?

Sight the aiming point by keeping the mouse button pressed and moving the pointer Choose the force of the stroke moving the cue on the right of the screen Your goal is to be the first to pocket 8 balls


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