Stickman Miner

Stickman Miner


Stickman Miner

Stickman Miner is an exciting mining simulator that will have you longing to explore the depths of the earth for all the riches it holds. Using only a simple pickaxe, you may dig out everything from the necessary coal and iron to the priceless gold and diamonds by chipping away at mineral-rich veins.

Turning your insights into a moneymaking business is the key to success. You can gain money by selling your collected resources and by processing raw minerals into finished goods that sell for premium prices. Grow your mining empire by investing your growing fortune in better equipment and fancier buildings. Grow your mine from its humble beginnings into an international powerhouse, ruling the underground with your cunning and strategy. Stickman Miner is an exciting adventure that brings you one step closer to mining greatness with each swing of the pickaxe.

How to play?

Movement AWSD Arrow Keys Joystick


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