Stack City Online

Stack City Online


Stack City Online

Stack City Online is a fascinating merge game where you take charge of creating your very own city out of stacks of scaffolding, shops, and other buildings. Unleash your imagination as you build and construct your own cityscape. With the money you make from your buildings, you can go to new places and buy more materials to build even bigger and better things.

Simply drag the scaffolding onto the grid, stack it wisely, and watch as your structures grow taller and more prosperous. Some of the blocks in this test are colored differently than others, so you'll need to coordinate your solutions with the many shades at play. To add more strategy to your city-building, you can only stack structures of the same hue on top of one another.

Can you handle the pressure of building your own stack city? In Stack City Online, you may show off your skills as an architect, learn to balance colors, and see your city expand and prosper. The cityscape is blank canvas waiting to be filled with your imagination.

How to play?

Select and move scaffolding - click and drag the left mouse button or finger


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