Space Prospector

Space Prospector


Space Prospector

Space Prospector invites you on an exciting galactic voyage where you'll have to make smart decisions while exploring, gathering, and landing on planets. Hoist yourself into your spacecraft and zoom through the galaxy in quest of priceless jewels and golden money.

Gather valuable jewels of different hues as you explore the cosmic landscape; then, return them to the base to win points. The number of points you will receive upon delivery is based on the color of the stone. Getting the gold coins to the base, though, is where the true prize is—it will double your score.

Keep an eye on your ship's fuel gauge as you travel across space. To keep your space prospecting adventure going, use the points you've earned to fuel and fix your ship. Efficiently managing your resources while optimizing your point accumulation is the real problem.

With new difficulties and chances appearing at every level, Space Prospector is an exciting and interesting game. In your quest to amass the most points and emerge victorious as the top space prospector, go for the stars. Take to the skies, gather resources, and rule the galaxy in this exciting space adventure!

How to play?

Computer Left key - turn on the shunting engine - fly to the left Right key - turn on the shunting engine - fly to the right Up key - turn on the main engine - fly to the top Space key - turn on the main engine - fly to the top Mobile devices Virtual bu


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