Skibidi Warzone Shooting Online

Skibidi Warzone Shooting Online


Skibidi Warzone Shooting Online

Skibidi Warzone Shooting Online is a state-of-the-art 3D shooter in which you play the part of a brave cameraman pitted against an unrelenting horde of skibidi. Stay vigilant as you make your way through the city, ready to shoot at any invaders that come within range. Thousands of skibidi toilets have taken over the planet, and they're on a goal to wipe off every person and cameraman so they can rule the cities.

You'll be in a constant battle for survival as the skibidi toilets persistently chase and corner you to kill you in this exciting online games to play when bored. Your mission is simple: make it through each difficult level alive by evading capture. The cityscape transforms into a warzone, and your aiming and shooting skills are your greatest assets.

How well do you think you'd do against an invasion of skibidis? Can you withstand the unrelenting pursuit and rule the city as the skillful cameraman? Get ready for a realistic online shooting experience in Skibidi Warzone Shooting Online, and show the skibidi how tough you are.

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How to play?

Controls Use the mouse on Desktop Touch the screen on mobile devices


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