Panda The Cake Maker

Panda The Cake Maker


Panda The Cake Maker

This game lets you make tasty cakes, take orders, and send them safely. The Panda cook and his helper run a cake shop. They are putting in a lot of effort to make their cakes better because they want their customers to be happy no matter what. Now the player has to help the Panda chef make the cakes that the customers have ordered. Watch out! As the cakes are being made, if the wrong materials are used, the customers will be unhappy and the game will be over. Help Panda get more coins by making cakes that look nice and taste good. Things about this game: Very good drawings The game is very small. Very easy to use settings.

How to play?

How to play Android Use On-Screen touch buttons to control the player PC Mouse Left Click to drag and drop


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