Lode Retro Adventure

Lode Retro Adventure


Lode Retro Adventure

Lode Retro Adventure is a charming 2D pixel game that transports you to the thrilling realm of gold mine, taking you back to the golden age of video games. In this classic-style adventure, you play the part of a hardworking gold miner whose goal is to collect a set number of coins at the end of each level.

To achieve this objective, you will use your trusty shovel to smash through the floor tiles and strategically ensnare the troublesome purple monsters. Be wary, though, because these intelligent beings are renowned for their crafty evasions and dogged pursuit. You'll have to use strategy and time to succeed.

As you dive further into this adorable game, you'll find various riches, including prized golden bananas that serve to enhance your overall score. The problem in Lode Retro Adventure is difficult and requires careful planning and rapid reactions. Can you complete this retro-styled quest by amassing a large enough gold coin collection and making it to the end unscathed?

How to play?

PC WASD to move Space to dig a hole Mobile Tap buttons to move and dig holes


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