Jinx & Minx Tower Escape

Jinx & Minx Tower Escape



Jinx & Minx Tower Escape

A pair of quirky, skeletal rabbits named Jinx and Minx are trapped in the dark confines of a long-forgotten tower on this chilling Halloween night. It is entirely up to you to guide them through the maze of creepy halls, spooky rooms, and challenging riddles that stands between them and freedom. Your objective is to find the missing keys and candies that will allow these skeleton friends to release themselves from their strange prison and reconcile with one another.

Explore the tower's eerie depths, where it appears like every crevice is hiding something and every room has something terrifying. You'll find the keys to the bunnies' freedom and the delicious candies that serve as a beacon of hope as you make your way across this gloomy terrain on your quest to rejoin them. In this Halloween-themed adventure, you must not only solve the tower's frightening mysteries, but also provide happiness to Jinx and Minx's skeletal spirits so that they can return home together.

Website Developer https://playonline.top

How to play?

Use the arrow keys to move the characters and left click or touch to interact with objects


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