Infinity Golf

Infinity Golf


Infinity Golf

Try out Infinity Golf, a relaxing yet taxing golf game in which you play against your own mind. Using the mouse and mouse buttons, you can easily manage the trajectory and force of your shots. As you grow acclimated to the gameplay principles, you'll find yourself effortlessly drilling holes with just one shot.

Experience a round of golf like never before across multiple courses, each with its own cool scenery and challenging features. Aiming precisely is essential as you try to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. Just grab a golf club, break out your best crazy golf moves, and you'll be good to go on any of the courses.

Those who appreciate the ease of playing online games to play when bored and the sense of accomplishment that comes from making every putt count will find a lot to like in Infinity Golf. This relaxing online golfing adventure will test your mettle and help you hone your skills until you're a golfing master.

How to play?

Use Mouse For Aim Hold and Release with Left Click


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