Hero Rescue: Pull The Pin

Hero Rescue: Pull The Pin


Hero Rescue: Pull The Pin

Hero Rescue - Pull The Pin is an engrossing puzzle game in which you take control of a hero on a quest to save a princess and recover lost treasures. As the protagonist armed with the power of wisdom, courage, and love, you are destined to be the savior of your sweetheart.

Get ready to go on a fantastical adventure as the hero searches for buried wealth and, more importantly, a way to rescue the princess. Complex challenges litter the road ahead of you, testing your brainpower and ability to solve problems. Each successive level presents a new set of puzzles to solve and difficulties to overcome, each of which calls for a certain set of skills and abilities from your hero.

This is more than any online games to play when bored; it's an epic quest in which your choices have real consequences and ultimately determine whether or not you reach the end. Follow the hero through a maze of puzzles and perplexing traps. Hero Rescue - Pull The Pin is about to begin; may your experience, bravery, and love serve you well.

This game was developed by newkidsgames.org.

How to play?

Use mouse or touch on the screen


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