Hero Knight - Action RPG

Hero Knight - Action RPG


Hero Knight - Action RPG

Utilizing spells and your sword, defeat monsters along the way! As you acquire experience, level up Find the treasure boxes containing legendary artifacts. Gather gold and gems. Improve your attributes and skills. Purchase the best gear for your knight. All bosses and monsters have the opportunity to defeat epic gear to become the most powerful knight. The knight gets stronger and acquires a new Magic Ability after every boss you defeat. You will battle the strongest enemies in this epic Action RPG, including snakes, bats, ghosts, skulls, wizards, ice monsters, orcs, and many more, rendered in 8 and 16 bit pixels. Legendary transformation: If you defeat a formidable firebird in your adventure's hidden boss encounter, you'll have the opportunity to become the legendary Fire Knight! [Tips for the game] * Use HP and MP potions only when the user's HP and MP are below 50%. To unleash the enchanted Power Slash ability, hold down the attack button for approximately 2 seconds! Hero Knight is an enjoyable game for all those who enjoy 2D pixel action role-playing games.

How to play?

Mouse Sword and Spells click on the buttons Keyboard Red potion - Restore HP A Blue Potion - Restore MP S Mobile Use Touch Buttons


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