Gold Aztec

Gold Aztec


Gold Aztec

Embark on a gripping puzzle adventure with Gold Aztec, where a stone door, studded with 16 blocks, awaits your strategic prowess. These blocks feature colorful crystals and rings, and your goal is to pair up the crystals with their corresponding rings. The difficulty comes from the complex choreography of colors, in which the number of crystals must be matched to the number of rings of the same hue.

Simply click the screen in the middle of the four blocks to rearrange the crystals. When you do this, the four crystals on these blocks rotate one spot to the right, moving clockwise. Keep doing this until each of the 16 different crystals has been placed in a ring with crystals of the same color. The complicated interplay of crystals and rings necessitates a cautious and strategic approach, and the secret to success is to think carefully about each move.

Gold Aztec is more than just a brain teaser; it's also a test of your logical and spatial reasoning skills. Get lost in this mind-bending puzzle and figure out what's behind the stone door. How well do you handle the color scheme and the precision of aligning the crystals? Gold Aztec is a puzzle online games to play when bored that requires careful planning in order to be won.

How to play?

Mouse - indicate a group of crystals Left mouse button - move a group of crystals


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