Ghostly Spikes

Ghostly Spikes


Ghostly Spikes

Embark on a hauntingly cute adventure with Ghostly Spikes. Help this friendly specter avoid the fatal spikes as it makes its way through the dangerous landscape. You must lead the specter across the strange and dangerous landscape, avoiding the dangerous spikes that lie in wait.

Get high scores by expertly navigating the eerie world and avoiding the spikes, setting a bar for your buddies to try and beat. Keeping the cute ghost afloat in the face of peril will require a unique blend of skill and strategy, and this online games to play when bored promises to deliver on that promise. Learn to avoid danger and show off your skills by achieving record-breaking high scores.

Ghostly Spikes invites you into a strange and difficult environment, where the lifetime of the ghost depends on your delicate movements. How long can you help your spirit partner fight the odds and outlast the ghostly spikes? This lovely yet dangerous adventure is the perfect place to put your talents to the test and kick up some healthy competition.

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