Gang Brawlers

Gang Brawlers

 2 Player

Gang Brawlers

If you're up for the challenge, Gang Brawlers will take you on a fascinating adventure through the dangerous streets. In this thrilling adventure, your goal is to make your way through perilous cityscapes by destroying boxes, retrieving important goods from the ground, and engaging in epic fights against the forces of evil.

In addition to the thrilling street skirmishes, the game also offers a cooperative mode where you and a companion can embark on an exciting adventure together. Alternatively, you can test your skills against a friend in a head-to-head battle in the 2-player fighting mode.

Make it a point to pick up all the gold coins you can find on the ground on your travels. These coins are your pass to better gear and greater power for your characters. The in-game store is where you should spend your hard-earned cash to purchase game-changing enhancements.

It's now time to begin your action-packed saga in Gang Brawlers. Fight your way through the city, form alliances with other players, and channel your inner warrior as you strive to bring order to the turmoil. The voyage has begun; may it be full of thrills and successes!

How to play?

Player 1 Move W A S D Jump SPACE Punch Pick Up F Kick G Defend T Player 2 Move ARROW KEYS Jump P Punch Pick Up K Kick L Defend O


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