Friends Pug

Friends Pug

 2 Player

Friends Pug

Friends Pug is a cute and cooperative adventure where you and your puppy pal work together to get all the tasty food back to your nest. You and your pal have different things to find and bring back to your nest, but you'll have to work together to do it.

The journey you take with your pug friend while you forage for food is a touching one. When problems need to be solved as a group, the focus shifts to working together as a unit. Upon reaching the nest, you and your companions can rejoice in your mutual success.

Bone catching is a major mechanic in Friends Pug. You and your pal become a superpowered team thanks to these extraordinary gadgets. Use planning, dialogue, and good humor to get your two pals safely back to their nest. Are you prepared to experience the thrill of adventuring with your trusty pug friend as you gather food and overcome challenges? Experience the power of friendship and teamwork in Friends Pug.

How to play?

Use the Arrow Keys to move the Brown Dog Use the WASD to move the Grey Dog both mobile and desktop playability


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