Flip Ninja

Flip Ninja


Flip Ninja

Enjoy the thrills of a ninja game centered on defying gravity via action and skill! In this action-packed story, you play the part of a nimble ninja who must utilize his or her reflexes to flip gravity at the precise moment. With just a tap, you may perform impossible flips and tricks, making you the master of all flips.

Accuracy is the most important factor in winning this game. As a ninja, you'll have to evade deadly projectiles while navigating perilous landscapes. To become a true master of the technique of flipping, you must be exact with every flip and every motion.

Will you rise to the occasion? This thrilling ninja game will put your agility, accuracy, and quick thinking to the test as you attempt to prove your talents and become a master of flips. It's time for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to defy gravity!

How to play?

Touch the screen to flip the Gravity Avoid the projectiles and catch the fruits to score Precision is the key


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