Fairy Tale Makeover Party

Fairy Tale Makeover Party


Fairy Tale Makeover Party

It's clear that you're a huge fan of fables. You've always had a soft spot in your heart for the enchanted kingdoms and handsome princes and mermaids and fairies and elves in fairy tales. Now you can share your enthusiasm for these enthralling stories with four stylish young women in a fascinating online game. They're getting ready for a Halloween party with an unusual twist: dressing up as their favorite fairy tale characters.

All four of these sweet young ladies need your professional advice on how to dress like their favorite fairy tale characters. Join them on their fantastic adventure and you'll get to peek inside a closet full of make-believe clothes and accessories meant to turn them into the heroes of your favorite stories. Whether it's adorning Cinderella's glass slipper, styling Rapunzel's long, flowing hair, or selecting the perfect mermaid tail for Ariel, you'll have a plethora of options to create the most enchanting looks.

These sweet girls want you to come to their Halloween party with them, and they've issued a special invitation just for you. As you assist children select their clothing and bring their fairy tale ideas to life, don't forget to choose a beautiful appearance for yourself. This Halloween party will transport you and your new acquaintances into the wondrous world of fairy tales. So, let your mind wander, and join me on this magical adventure into the realm of fairy tales!

How to play?

Desktop Mouse click and drag to play Mobile Tap and slide to play


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