Extreme Volleyball

Extreme Volleyball


Extreme Volleyball

Welcome to the thrilling world of Extreme Volleyball, a unique twist on the traditional sport, where players take on the roles of robots in an electrifying variation. Here, instead of a typical volleyball, a bomb becomes the focal point of the game, adding an explosive element to the competition. The objective is to strategically detonate the bomb within the opponent's territory, infusing the game with an extra layer of intensity.

The bomb possesses a volatile nature, set to explode upon contact with the floor, experiencing more than three touches, or when its fuse burning time expires. Navigate through the game settings menu to customize your experience, allowing you to choose the number of bombs, adjust the bomb fuse burning time, set the game difficulty level, and select the location of your robot on the virtual court.

Extreme Volleyball challenges players to showcase their robotic prowess, strategic thinking, and precise timing as they engage in a volleyball match like never before. Brace yourself for explosive rallies and tactical maneuvers, as you aim to outsmart your robotic opponents and triumph in this adrenaline-pumping variation of the classic sport.

How to play?

Key left - move to the left Key right - move to the right Key up - bounce Key space - bounce


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