Duo Robot Skibidi

Duo Robot Skibidi

 2 Player

Duo Robot Skibidi

In Duo Robot Skibidi, you'll join the robot toilet guys on their perilous adventure to flee from a strange and tough environment. To traverse this unusual voyage effectively, collaboration is vital. Work together with a buddy to get past all the challenges and open the door to freedom.

Teamwork and a methodical approach, taken in order, are essential to winning this game. Players will need to take turns moving forward to keep the group moving in unison. The objective is to work together and time your moves such that you all make it out of the room through the designated exit.

However, peril is present at every turn. Beware of disappearing floors that could lead to a deadly fall, and remain clear of the razor-sharp whirling saws that represent a constant threat. Gameplay in Duo Robot Skibidi is one-of-a-kind because it puts players in the position of working together to solve puzzles and avoid death. Is your sense of adventure up to the task of rescuing the robot toilet guys from their tricky predicament?

How to play?

Player1 use Arrow keys to move Player2 use WASD to move Mobile Touch Control


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