Doggy Save

Doggy Save


Doggy Save

Enter the exciting world of Doggy Save, a unique puzzle-solving casual game that is as amusing as it is unique. With a profusion of mind-bending levels at your disposal, each one poses a distinct challenge in which an adorable dog awaits your rescue. This game is a monument to limitless imagination, and its innovative puzzle scenarios are designed to push the boundaries of conventional thinking, resulting in a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Every level will have a canine buddy who requires your assistance. Your mission is to solve a series of complicated puzzles, each one designed to put your problem-solving skills and ingenuity to the test. Prepare to embark on a journey that defies common sense, introduces novel concepts, and promises to thrill and delight. As you work to save these lovely pups in Doggy Save, you'll discover new dimensions of your imagination and logic.

How to play?

In Doge Bottle you can pass the level by drawing lines to prevent bees from touching the dog Once the bees touch the dog the dog will be hurt


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