Dentist Doctor Makeover

Dentist Doctor Makeover


Dentist Doctor Makeover

Dentist Doctor Makeover is a game in which you play the role of a dentist treating princesses who have a variety of dental problems. Dental problems experienced by the royal family range from cavities brought on by a sweet tooth to fractured teeth from the inevitable tumble down the stairs. Their oral health depends on your professional knowledge and kindness.

As the digital dentist, you'll need to use a variety of instruments to provide each princess the personalized care she deserves. Whether it's managing cavities, battling dental decay, or mending fractured teeth, your talents will be put to the test. The appreciative princesses will remember your tireless work in their gratitude.

Find out why each royal patient is seeking your medical services, and revel in the satisfaction of treating each adorable and charitable young lady. Keep good oral hygiene in mind as you go through this simulated dental office. After all, going to the dentist isn't everyone's cup of tea, but under your watchful eye, it turns into a pleasant and productive experience.

How to play?

Desktop Mouse click and drag to play Mobile Tap and slide to play


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