Crazy Traffic Racer

Crazy Traffic Racer


Crazy Traffic Racer

Our newest adrenaline-filled game will take you on a thrilling journey into the realm of high-speed car racing. The state-of-the-art 3D game engine in this game will test your driving talents to their limits while providing you with an unparalleled driving experience.

If you're looking for a standard racing game, go elsewhere; Crazy Traffic Racer puts you squarely in the middle of a graphically spectacular and engaging universe. The game's photorealistic visuals and mechanics provide for a truly unique gaming experience. You'll get a real sense of agency as you steer through the game's varied environments and thrilling setpieces.

The snappy and easy-to-use controls are what set Crazy Traffic Racer distinct. You'll feel like you're actually driving the car through every hairpin bend and terrifying accident. If you're ready to take on the ultimate driving challenge and experience the excitement of high-speed racing, then Crazy Traffic Racer is the game you've been waiting for. It's time to hit the road and show everyone what kind of expert driver you are.

How to play?

Controls Desktop W or up arrow key - accelerate A or left arrow key - turn left D or right arrow key - turn right S or down arrow key - brake Controls Mobile Tablet Left button - turn left Right button - turn right Two buttons - brake


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