Collect Balloons

Collect Balloons

 2 Player

Collect Balloons

Collect Balloons is a fast-paced head-to-head race where speed counts more than weapons. Battle it out with a fellow player in a friendly competition to see who can collect balloons the quickest. The goal is simple: take the balloons from around the stadium and place them in the balloon machine.

Be the first to gather 20 balloons in the least amount of time, regardless of whether you're on the red or blue team. You'll need to leap, weave, and snag the balloons in midair before racing to the balloon machine with your bright spoils. Collect Balloons is a fast-paced and fun duel between rivals, with an emphasis on speed and agility. Are you ready to outmaneuver your opponent and emerge as the ultimate balloon-collecting champion? The test is about to begin!

How to play?

The red player moves using the WASD keys The blue player moves using the arrow keys Collect the balloon and bring it to the balloon machine


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