Capybara Beaver Evolution: Idle Clicker

Capybara Beaver Evolution: Idle Clicker


Capybara Beaver Evolution: Idle Clicker

Capybara-Beaver Evolution: Idle Clicker is a game centered on the adorable Capybara and Beaver, so you know it's going to be a lot of fun. Dive into the realm of these beautiful animals and start your gaming trip right away!

Capybara-Beaver Evolution: Idle Clicker is a clicker game with no end that will keep you occupied for hours. As you go on your trip, you have the ability to evolve and progress continually. To reach the pinnacle of success and become a Capybara-Beaver God, you must acquire a fortune of 200,000,000 coins.

Capybara-Beaver Evolution is an interesting idle clicker game that will keep you clicking and evolving until you reach the peak of capybara and beaver development, regardless of whether you like capybaras or beavers or not. If you want to become a deity, you should start today.

How to play?

Mouse click or tap to play Get as many coins as possible by clicking on the CAT When you get a lot of coins go to the store and use your coins bull Watch your CAT evolve Dont forget about the gift that gives 30x to your clicks


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