Assault Time

Assault Time


Assault Time

In Assault Time, you play as a lone intruder whose aim is to sneak into the enemy base and eliminate all of the guards before they discover your presence. Your abilities and wits will be put to the test as you negotiate the difficult terrain, engaging in furious firefights and strategic fighting.

The point of this high-stakes game is, of course, to wipe out the opposition. Use your weapons to eliminate your enemies and show off your shooting skills and tactical acumen. Gather first aid supplies along the road to increase your chances of survival and keep you in the fight.

You can improve your fighting talents by spending the money you earn on a wide range of upgrades as the game progresses. You can become an even more formidable force on the battlefield with the help of these upgrades, which may include new weapons, better equipment, and greater skills.

Assault Time challenges you to plot, make split-second decisions, and exhibit your combat prowess in a high-stakes setting. Can you handle the responsibility? In this exciting 3D first-person shooter, you'll be able to prove your worth by joining the ranks of elite troops.

How to play?

Computer Arrow keys or W A S D to move the character Mouse to turn the character aim and shoot L to lock pointer R to reload P - pause Mobile Use on-screen joystick to move fire button to shoot tap and drag on right side of the screen to aim and


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