Papa's Pancakeria

Papa's Pancakeria


Papa's Pancakeria

Enter the delectable Papa's Pancakeria, where you'll run the newest Papa's restaurant with Prudence and Cooper! This engaging game will take you on a time-management journey as you cook and stack waffles, french toast, and pancakes.

Returning to the series' signature hands-on gameplay, this installment introduces new obstacles like topping stacking, syrup pouring, and arranging. Every day, the lovable Foodini shows up with his mobile game show! Get seven chances to play games and win unique rewards by earning special tickets throughout the day.

The addition of the unlocked Drink Station introduces a new challenge and ups the ante on multitasking fun in this installment. Experience the immersive world of Papa's Pancakeria as you indulge your inner chef, delight your virtual patrons, and delight in the game's captivating gameplay!

How to play?

Use your mouse and follow the in-game instructions.Cooking


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